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Team Talk Examples

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Half-Time Overall Team Talk


Disappointing / Angry / Letting the team down / Where’s the passion, lads?

I am not happy with your performance out there.

I’m far from pleased with what I just saw from this team.

You’re much better than this, but you’re not playing like it. Stop letting yourselves down and sort it out.

Your pride is at stake today. You’re letting yourselves down.

Where is your passion lads? Do you not even want to win this match?

Come on lads, show a bit of desire. You don’t look like a team that wants to win.


Don’t let your performance drop! / Expect better in the second half / Prove a point!

Don’t get complacent out there.

Don’t get complacent, things can turn around very quickly in football, keep focused.

We’ve got to guard against complacency now. Don’t think the job is done.

You might be winning, but that could all still change if your performance levels drop. Don’t let that happen.

We might have a solid lead but that can all still change, so keep your performance levels up.

I expect to see a much better showing from you in the second half.

Show me something else in the second half.

Come on boys, I know you can do much better than this and I expect to see it in the second half.

Let’s show the world what this team is all about shall we?


Doing well but room for improvement / We can win this! / Keep going, you can win today / All we need is one goal, you can do it! / I know you can do better than this!

You have played well so far but there is still room for improvement.

Things are going well, but I know you are capable of even better.

Keep going out there and you can still win today.

We can still come out of this match with a win today.

We can still win this. Keep working hard and it will come.

One goal is going to be enough to win this, keep working hard and we’ll get it.

Keep going out there, one goal should be enough to win this for us.


For the fans

Let’s give the fans something to cheer today.

Let’s give the fans a performance they are expecting of us here.

Go out there and give these fans their money’s worth.

We are the favourites here, so go on out there and give the fans a performance to cheer for!

Let’s give the fans a good performance despite the odds being against us here.


Unlucky boys

Unlucky boys, things just haven’t gone right for us so far.

You have been unlucky so far.


No pressure

There’s no pressure on you to get a result today, go and play with confidence and have some fun, and see what happens.

The way the game is set you can go back out for the second half and play without pressure.

There’s nothing to lose today, so go out there and give it your best shot.

The pressure is off here lads, go out there and play and the result will take care of itself.

You can go out there and play without pressure now.


Pleased, keep it up / You’re outplaying them everywhere!

I’m pleased with how things are going, keep it up.

I’m very pleased with your performance, keep it going lads.

You’re performing well out there, keep it up and the result will come.

Keep playing the way you have been and the result will come.

Half-Time Individual Talks



I am not happy with your performance today.

I’m not happy with your defensive work.

I’m disappointed with your efforts to control the midfield.

I’m not happy with your finishing.


Prove a point!

Go out there and show everyone what you’re capable of.

I want you to prove to everybody that you have got what it takes to play for this club.


You can make the difference! / You have faith

You have the ability to make a real difference for us today, get out there and do it!

I’m looking to you to make the difference for us, I know you’re capable.

You weren’t bad, but I believe you can still improve. I have faith in you.

I think there’s a lot more to come from you and I believe you’ve got what it takes.



You have been unlucky so far, good effort.


No pressure

There is no pressure on you today.

Pressure’s off today, I want you to go out there and play your natural game.



I’m very happy with your performance today.

I’m very happy with your solid defensive work.

I’m very happy with how you controlled the midfield.

I’m very happy with your effort in the final third.


Calm down

I need you to calm down.

You need to calm down.

I need you to watch your step to avoid another booking.

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