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Assigning Coaches

On the Coaches screen you can assign coaches, as well as yourself, to different training categories.

The Coaches guide provides information on the different types of coaches and how they can be assigned.

The coaches’ workloads and the lead coach star ratings shown at the bottom of the screen affect the quality of training in each category, and therefore how well your players work on the attributes related to each category. Using the tick boxes your coaches should be assigned to categories so as to achieve the lightest possible workload and highest possible star rating in each category.

More details of how the quality of your coaches affects player development are given in the Player Development guide.

You can choose to ask your assistant to assign coaches to categories with the Ask Assistant to Assign button. However, it is advisable to do it yourself, using the information provided below, as your assistant will not usually obtain the optimal workloads and star ratings.

For details on setting coaching assignments for your reserve and youth squads see the Youth Training guide.

Training Categories

The training categories cover the various attributes trained in general training and correspond directly to the general training focuses, although the fitness focus is split into strength and aerobic categories, the attacking focus is split into attacking and shooting categories, and two additional goalkeeping categories are included.

The attributes trained by each general training focus are detailed in the General Training guide.

The attributes trained by each of the goalkeeping categories are as follows:

  • Shot Stopping – One On Ones, Reflexes, Composure, Concentration and Positioning.
  • Handling – Aerial Ability, Handling, Kicking and Throwing.

Lead Coach Star Rating

Each coach assigned to a training category is given a star rating that represents his ability to coach that category. This star rating is determined initially by his staff attributes, including both coaching attributes and mental attributes, as detailed below.

However, a coach’s star rating for a category is reduced if he is assigned to additional categories as he will need to split his attention between them.

A coach’s best training category is shown on his profile as his Specialist Training Area.

The lead coach star rating in each training category is equal to the highest individual star rating out of all the ratings for the coaches assigned to the category. This means that assigning a weaker coach to a category will not reduce that category’s lead coach star rating and therefore will not affect the quality of training in that category.

Coaching Attributes

Each training category has a primary attribute associated with it, while some also have a secondary attribute. Both of these are coaching attributes. A coach’s ratings in the primary attribute and, to a lesser extent, in the secondary attribute contribute to his star rating in the category. The primary and secondary attributes for each category are as follows:


Primary: Fitness


Primary: Fitness


Primary: Tactical

Ball control

Primary: Technical

Secondary: Mental


Primary: Defending

Secondary: Tactical


Primary: Attacking

Secondary: Tactical


Primary: Technical

Secondary: Attacking

Shot Stopping

Primary: Goalkeepers

Secondary: Tactical


Primary: Goalkeepers

Secondary: Technical

Mental Attributes

In addition to the primary and secondary attributes, a coach’s ratings in the mental attributes Determination, Level of Discipline and Motivating will affect his star ratings in all training categories. The higher his ratings in these attributes the higher his star ratings will be.

Background Coaching Attributes

Although they do not affect a coach’s star ratings, the coaching attributes Man Management and Working With Youngsters do affect the quality of training, as detailed in the Coaches guide.

Coaches’ Workload

The coaches’ workload for each training category is determined by how many coaches are assigned to the category, as well as the combined number of players in your squad (or both squads in cases where two squads, such as the senior squad and reserve squad, share training facilities).

The coaches’ workload is not affected by the general training intensity or the training workloads of your players.

You should aim for as light a workload as possible in each category by assigning additional coaches to a category where necessary. Although, you should avoid reducing the lead coach star rating in the other categories as much as is possible when doing this. You may need to sign more coaches to achieve this.

Optimising Assignments

Subject to the limits given by your club’s board on the number of staff you may employ, shown on your club’s Boardroom Overview screen, it is recommended that you try to employ a single coach for each training category with the best possible star rating in that category, and then reduce the coaches’ workloads if necessary by employing cheaper coaches.

The qualities to consider for each coach are discussed in the Coaches guide.

More details on signing coaches are provided in the Signing Staff guide.