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Individual Training

In addition to the time they spend in team training, each player in your squad is able to spend further time working on personalised individual training. This training allows you to tailor each individual player’s training schedule more precisely according to how you want to shape his development.

The types of individual training that can be set are additional focus, which is used to give extra training in particular attributes, position training and player trait training. Each type of individual training is optional and, if set, will add to a player’s individual workload.

The Individual Training screen lists each player in your squad on the left and displays a training report for the currently selected player on the right. A player’s training report can also be viewed on the Training section of his Development tab.

Each type of individual training can be viewed and set using the drop-down menus on the different views of the players list or on each player’s own training report, except trait training which can only be set from the training reports.

The players list also shows a performance indicator where applicable for each player. This gives you an idea of your players’ recent overall training performance, which takes into account his performance in both team training and individual training. More detailed feedback from your coaches can be seen on the training reports.

For details on setting individual training for the players in your reserve and youth squads see the Youth Training guide.