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Player Attributes

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How quickly a player can reach his maximum speed when running.


How well a player can start, stop, and move in a new direction.


How well a player can stay steady on his feet when he is under physical pressure.

Physical pressure is caused by opposition players trying to get to the ball ahead of a player or trying to win the ball from him, and can occur when a player is moving or stationary.

Jumping Reach

How high a player’s head can reach when jumping.

A player’s height only affects whether he needs to jump and how much effort he needs to put into a jump, but is particularly important when a player is competing with an opposition player to get to an aerial ball. Taller players tend to have higher Jumping Reach due to their height advantage.

Natural Fitness

How well a player can retain condition when injured or not training, recover condition between matches, gain match fitness when playing matches and avoid jadedness caused by matches and training. Also how well a player is able to retain his physical attribute ratings as he ages.

Condition, match fitness and jadedness are discussed in more detail in the Player Fitness guide.

Other factors also affect how well a player retains his attribute ratings as he ages such as his Professionalism personality attribute and the amount of competitive match experience he is given, as discussed in the Player Development guide. Notably though, a player with higher Natural Fitness (as well as higher Stamina and lower Injury Proneness) will be capable of spending more time playing matches.


How fast a player can run when he has reached his maximum speed.

A player is able to run slightly faster without the ball than with it.


How well a player can retain condition while exerting effort during a match.

The higher a player’s condition is, the better he will perform any action. The more effort a player puts in during a match the more his condition will fall. Higher Stamina reduces this effect.

Condition is discussed in more detail in the Player Fitness guide.


How well a player is able to exert physical force on an opposition player.

Strength affects how likely a player is to succeed in a physical situation such as when shielding the ball from an opposition player while standing or dribbling, when attempting to tackle an opposition player, when marking an opposition player and when competing with an opposition player to get to the ball.

Hidden Attributes

In addition to the visible attributes discussed above and the personality attributes discussed in the Player Personalities guide, a player has six hidden attributes for which his ratings are unknown. However, your coaches and scouts will refer to each of the hidden attributes for which they believe a player has a particularly good or poor rating in the pros and cons shown on the player’s coach or scout report.


How well a player settles in a new country.

If you are considering signing a foreign player based in another nation, especially if he has never played in your club’s nation before, then you should check for any mention of Adaptability on his scout reports.


How likely a player is to perform to his full ability in any particular match.

Consistency only affects technical and mental attributes. Therefore, players with better physical attributes are less affected by poor Consistency.


How likely a player is to try to break the rules to gain an advantage.

Higher Dirtiness makes fouls more likely to be committed. It is referred to as Competitive Streak on a player’s coach or scout reports.

Important Matches

How well a player performs in big, high pressure games.

Injury Proneness

How likely a player is to suffer an injury during a match or in training.

A player’s Injury Proneness can be judged by viewing his past injuries on the Injuries section of his History tab.

Injury Proneness is discussed in more detail in the Player Fitness guide, along with other factors that affect how likely a player is to suffer an injury.


How well a player plays in a position for which he lacks familiarity.

A player’s familiarity in each position can be seen on the Information section of his Overview tab.

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