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Goalkeeper Roles

All of the player roles and duties that can be used in the goalkeeper playing position are analysed below.

Introduction & Role Analyser
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Analysed below for each goalkeeper role is:

  • Game description – the description of the role/duty as given in the game.
  • Player instructions – the player instructions given by the role/duty. Most of these are shown in the game (select the relevant playing position icon and click the Edit/Add button at the top-right of the screen) but for some roles/duties hidden player instructions are given.


Game description:

The Goalkeeper role focuses on protecting his goal and making saves from shots and crosses. He is the last line of defence and is relied upon to help the team keep clean sheets. The Goalkeeper can distribute the ball in many ways. He can pass it short to his defenders, try to play out of defence, or he could play longer passes towards a target man or a wide player.

Detailed Analysis

GK Defend
Goalkeeper (G) - GK Defend
Natural playing styles

Sweeper Keeper

Game description:

The Sweeper Keeper aims to perform two roles, those of the standard Goalkeeper and the outfield Sweeper. Alongside standard goalkeeping duties, he will sweep up balls in front of and wide of the penalty area and initiate counter-attacking moves with direct through balls to breaking players.

With a Defend duty
the Sweeper Keeper will be a lot more cautious, but will still play counter-attacking balls when they are on.
With a Support duty
the Sweeper Keeper will stray just outside the penalty box and look to play counter-attacking passes.
with an Attack duty
the Sweeper Keeper will travel some distance outside his area and be happy to move out with the ball at his feet.

Player Instructions

  • Support and Attack duty – Take More Risks
  • Attack duty – Dribble More

Hidden player instructions: rush out more, use more creative freedom

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