Tactics Guide

Tactics Guide Contents

FM 2020 Tactics Guides

Choosing a Tactical Style

How to set a suitable tactical style for your players, including:

Choosing Roles & Duties

How to assign balanced roles and duties that suit your tactical style and players, including:

Adding Team & Player Instructions

How to set further team and player instructions that suit your tactical style and players.

FM 2018 Tactics Guides


Starter Guide

A walkthrough of the main aspects of creating a tactic to help you get started.

Example Tactics

A selection of example tactics created using this guide. As a quick start to using the guide you may wish to firstly choose a suitable example tactic, before then modifying the tactic as appropriate by using the different parts of the guide that are summarised below.

Tactical Instructions

An analysis of the tactical instructions that you can use to create your tactic, including:

System Fluidity

How to implement system fluidity for your team.

Playing Styles

How to create a suitable playing style for your team, including:

Playing System Balance

How to balance your team’s playing system, including: