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Team Talk Examples

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Full-Time Overall Team Talk


Not good enough / Good first half but poor second half / Disappointing / Embarrassing / Angry / Awful, regardless of victory

That, simply put, was not good enough. We should have won that match.

We got away with that today, you were poor out there. We need to be much better than that when we come up against better sides.

That was a bit of a let-off; we weren’t good enough and have to step thing up against better opposition.

I don’t know what happened in the second half but it wasn’t acceptable, and was disappointing after the first half display.

That was a real “Jekyll and Hyde” performance from you. You were fantastic in the first-half but that second-half showing was unacceptable.

I’m far from pleased with what I just saw from this team.

I am not happy with your performance out there.

I am not happy with the result.

I’m far from pleased with that result.

You weren’t good enough today, that was the sort of match we should be winning.

That wasn’t good enough I’m afraid, there’s no excuses for not winning that sort of match.

Win or not, that performance was unacceptable and we’re going to have to work on a few things.


Warn against complacency

It’s important to now switch our focus to the next match, and not become complacent.

Don’t let yourselves get complacent for the next match.

Why can’t you play like this every match? (for use when recent form has been inconsistent)

That was a very good performance, which makes me ask why we can’t play that way on a consistent basis.

You played very well today, why can’t you perform like that in every match?


Unlucky boys

You were unlucky today.

Unlucky boys, it just wasn’t our day.

I’m not too concerned despite the result, we were unlucky out there.

Don’t look back and worry about the result. We were just unlucky there.


Well done / Pleased / Great comeback

A very nice victory, well done.

A good win boys, well done.

Well done lads, that was a good win for us.

I’m very pleased with the result and your performance.

I’m very happy with the result and the way you played.

I’m happy with what I saw out there, there were some positives for sure.

Putting the result aside, that was a pleasing performance.

Despite the result, I’m pleased with your performance out there.

I can’t fault you for effort, nobody expected us to win but you gave it everything.

Everybody thought we’d get beaten today, well done for proving them wrong. Great result!

Well done lads, you’ve just proved a lot of people wrong in avoiding defeat out there.

We were the underdogs out there and you gave it your best. Good effort lads.

You’ve done brilliantly to come back and win that. I’m proud of you.

What a comeback that was. A superb effort, I’m proud and so should all of you be.

Full-Time Individual Talks


Unacceptable second half showing / Unhappy

I’m disappointed in your second half performance.

The drop in your second half performance was unacceptable.

I’m not pleased with what I saw from you today.

I am not happy with your performance today.

I’m not happy with your defensive work.

I’m disappointed with your efforts to control the midfield.

I’m not happy with your finishing.


Unlucky today

I appreciate your efforts, you were just unlucky today.

You were unlucky today, but it was a good effort.


Changed the game / Great second half / Delighted / Did well

You were a decisive factor in an amazing turnaround for us tonight, well done.

You made it happen for us tonight, you changed the game. Well done.

That was the sort of reaction I was after, you were great in the second half.

I’m pleased with how you did today.

I’m very happy with your performance today.

Your performance today was very good.

I’m very happy with your solid defensive work.

I was impressed with how you controlled the midfield.

I’m very happy with your effort in the final third.

You impressed me out there.

You did well out there.

The second half was much better, well done.

Your defensive efforts were crucial in our win.

Your playmaking efforts were crucial in our win.

Your efforts in the final third were crucial in our win.

Substitutes Individual Talks


Expect a performance!

Show me what you’ve got today, I want to see a good display.

I want to see a good performance from you today.


You can make the difference! / You have faith

I’m looking for you to make the difference for us, I know you’re capable.

I think there’s a lot more to come from you and I completely believe you’ve got what it takes.


No pressure!

Pressure’s off today, I want you to go out there and play your natural game.

Continue Performing

Pick up where you left off!

I want to see more of the same from you today.

Expect Improvement

Expect better!

I want to see a better performance from you out there today.

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